Experiment- Graphics – Raymarched Blob


Simple experimentation with Raymarching and distance fields based on Inigo Quilez techniques (http://www.iquilezles.org/) in Unity. The whole scene is rendered through one shader that handles the raymarching. Objects smoothly transition into each other when the distance between them is lower than an specified value (Smooth Min). The blob is composed by a rotational ring of spheres. The rotation speed is affected by various parameters through the shader. The randomness in the motion of the blob comes from that factor and a combination of sine and cosine waves.

Also, shadows and lighting are calculated through distance fields and raymarching as well. You may also notice how the blob is respecting occlusion of geometry objects (Non-raymarch). This demo also works in VR. No optimizations have been done yet. The intention is to keep improving upon this and make it interactable through VR Motion Controllers.


As mentioned before, Graphics programming is a branch that I really enjoy. Finally got a chance to practice raymarching and I am having a blast!


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