Final Project – Month 1: Prototype “Dino Rush”



As explained before, I am currently working on my Final Project for the Game Development program at Full Sail University.

This last assignment is about forming teams that will have to build their own game from scratch, following the standard procedure used on the industry.

Development process:

  • Pitching ideas: Game ideas need to be presented to the staff and will then need to be approved.
  • Design: At least a basic idea of the game flow and features needs to be defined.
  • Prototype: Building a prototype with Unity will definitely  help with tweaking the design of the game. It will give immediate feedback of what needs to be improved in order for the game to be fun.
  • Technical Design: The time when your team needs to define the guidelines to follow when developing the technology used to make the game.
  • Development: Start coding!
  • Asset Pipeline: Communicate with artists to get all the assets that you will need : 3D Models, textures, animations, sound effects, music, etc
  • QA: Quality Assurance, a.k.a test every single part of the game and be sure it works as you wanted to!
  • Release: Prepare all the last steps to get your game in the hands of everyone you know.

Fun part:

All this needs to  be done in 5 months! It has been an amazing experience.

Once all the design is done and fits together, it is like a programmer playground. You are finally free to use all you have learned since day one and implement it to make your game awesome!

I am currently on Month 3 of Final Project. The video that I am posting here is the Final Build of the prototype done in Month 1


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