The beginning of a new journey

Here it is, my first post on my website!

There was more to do than I thought to get the site going; but it is finally done!  Well…kind of.

The website,  design and art is complete (Thanks to my sister in law Fabiana Paolini for illustrating my personality and vision). Now, it is time to fill it with content: My content.

I may introduce myself : My name is Christian Benavides, ambitious and passionate programmer specialized on Game Development.

I always wanted my own website: A place where I could show the world who I am and what do I do.  Instagram , Facebook and Twitter have been my tools to showcase my current projects. Even though I get good feedback from my followers , I wanted to get a more personal and professional platform where I can start building a record of my work.

So, this really is the beginning of a new journey: I will graduate in three months (June 26th 2015) and it is time to develop my professional life. That is another reason of why I needed to get my website going! It is a fast and easy way for anyone to get to know me better. Here you can find from my past and current projects to stories about experiences in work or trying new technologies.

I will be constantly updating and adding content. Right now I am working with my team on our Final Project for the Game Development program at Full Sail University, Winterpark FL, so that will be mainly what you will see on the page.

Thanks for passing by and read the post. I invite you to keep checking!

Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!


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