Unity – Tool for 2D Puzzle Level Creation


This tool was made taking 2D tiled puzzle games in mind, but as you may notice it can be extended to support any sort of 2D games. It is still in an early stage, but I will definitely put more work into it for future projects. The tool lets you create 2D Tiled levels through an in-engine tile editor.  Tiles can either be as-is or serve as locators for the actual objects you want in your level. Tiles are very extensible.



  • Made using C# in Unity
  • Levels are saved to binary files in order to modify them through the tool. They can also be saved as a Prefab for faster iteration
  • In this specific sample, the level is able to procedurally place pots in the level based on the possible aims the user can take with the crossbow. The algorithm is still in early development, but very good results have been obtained so far!
  • Levels can be rotated to give more of an isometric feel to the game

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