Vault of Memories – My first game “E.N.E.R.G.Y”


This is the first game I made. It was an assignment for the Structure of Game Design class at Full Sail University (Game Development Program), which is at month 7 of the course.

We were asked to build a game in two weeks using the 2D Game Engine of the class (Known as “SGD Wrappers”).

Engine Specifications:

  • Entity/Object Manager
  • 2D Renderer (DirectX 9)
  • Collision Manager ( Box vs Box)
  • Audio Manager (XAudio)
  • Input Manager (Direct Input)
  • Message and Event System
  • Animation System


The protagonist of the game is Energon.: A powerful being that was put into a tomb by the elders who have predicted his enormous power. This was done in order to protect him from the massive invasion of the S.Y.S.T.E.M. After 25 years, he finally released himself from the tomb. The game follows the path of Energon across static levels where he needs to defeat his enemies in order to get to the final boss : N-ENERGON.

Game Specifications:

  • 2D Action Scroller where you need to defeat enemies that spawn in each level.
  • You can shoot two different types of abilities: A charge and a one-shot projectile.
  • Jump to avoid enemy attacks.


  • Enemies use a state machine based on a simple waypoint system to move around the level:
    • Melee enemies will increase their speed and go towards the player when it is close enough
    • Range enemies will start shooting when the player gets closer to them
  • Boss is the more complex AI. It will teleport when hit and will charge at the player when is close enough.


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